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Instructions for first IDAM login

Resources that will help you to use and understand the Ultranet

Ultranet Student Guide

Exploring the Ultranet : things to try

  • Login
  • Change home page theme (Actions button, Manage pages)
  • Change page layout (Actions button, Change layout)
  • Go to eXpress Landing Page, add an entry to your blog (your first time on the Ultranet)
  • Go to eXpress Profile Page, edit your profile
  • Collaborative Learning Space - search for Pascoe Vale Primary 56 unit Collaborative Learning Space. Request membership (use the Actions button)
  • Hopefully I will approve your request immediately
  • Contribute to the Term 4 Earth and Space systems planning discussion
  • Contribute to the Activity Day blog
  • If you are waiting to be approved you can read the student guide. You will find a copy in the Ultranet folder, Common Student Files on our server.