Week 1: This week we will be looking at living in the Pioneer Days. We will be viewing simple tasks which were demonstrated during school camp. These activities will include, washing, building, working at school, cooking and other activities that we have undertaken during daily life. The class will be watching the camp videos as well as photos on all of these activities and we will be making comparisions on how these activities are different from activities we do today. The class will also think of other things they may want to investigate.

Week 2: The class will be viewing simple procedure texts and looking at the simple structure of what makes an effective procedure text. After discovering the aspects of a procedual text students will attempt to create their own procedual text as well as using images to support their own piece of text.

Week 3: During the week we will be investigating making our own procedual text on an activity during Pioneer Life. It is important at this stage that students have a clear idea of the materials needed and the sequencing of events. It is important that all students then understand the process required of making their own presentation. Students will submit a proposal to myself on what they want to make their own movie on.

Week 4: Storyboarding. Students will create their own storyboard before they begin filming.