ICT Help Desk

Putting Video onto your blog

  1. Load your video onto http://edublogs.tv and copy the video URL (User name: is the same as our "Reporter of the Day")
  2. Log onto the dashboard
  3. Create a post or page
  4. Click on add media – add video button in the top of the “post” section
  5. Paste the Video URL and click on “inset into post”.

Uploading audio to your blog.

Using audio from OneNote

  • Right click on audio and Save as
  • Save file on your desktop (use a suitable file name )
  • Right click on the file on your desktop and add .avi to the file name. (eg margostest.avi)
  • Then go to your blog and upload as audio

Using audio recorded with Audacity

  • After you have recorded you need to go to FILE and then Export as mp3.
  • Save file to your Desktop (easier to upload onto your blog)
  • Go to blog and follow Upload audio steps.