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Electoral Procedures:
History of voting :
Counting your vote ;
How the preferential system works :
Democracy Quests :
All interactives from the Australian Electoral Commission can be found here :

Pages of Links (specific to Government in Australia
From Meadowbank Primary School .. thanks Kerri
Australian Government ... thanks to S. Lacey
Government ... thanks to B. Braxton

Federation - 1901
Excellent slideshow : issues that concerned the citizens and leaders of the six Australian colonies as they moved towards Federation
Arguments for and against Federation
News article - Sir Henry Parkes
Images of Federation
The National Library of Australia - Federation Gateway
Documenting Democracy - documents that are the foundation of our Nation

Australian Government
Parliamentary Education Office
Parliamentary Education Office - Multimedia centre
People and Parliament- Landmark decisions 1855 - 2006

Victorian Government
Presiding Officers
Parliament in Action
A window in time - interactive on Parliament in Victoria
An explanation of Parliamentary Roles : Who is Who