...celebrations, memories and history

By the end of week 7 you need to:
  • Discuss your project proposal with your teacher
  • Completed your project proposal and handed in a printed copy to your teacher
Your History Challenge project cannot be started until this is handed in and signed off.
Your project can be started as soon as this process is complete.

A reminder that end of session reflection and goals for next session have to be completed each session. You must inform your teacher where these are being saved.

The National History Challenge is a research-based competition for students. It gives you a chance to be an historian, investigating your community and exploring your own past. It emphasizes and rewards quality research, the use of community resources and effective presentation.

Information for students

You may choose one of four options to present your research. You can choose to write an essay, produce a multimedia entry, build a museum display or do a performance. It is important that you follow the format criteria.


Step 1

Introduce the National History Challenge.
Unpack the presentation formats for the History Challenge - Presentation formats

Step 2

Brainstorm ideas related to topic ... what does Celebrations, Memories and History mean?

  • We will use Today's Meet **NHC-PVPS** for initial brainstorm ... synthesise into Main themes
  • Collate using Wall Wisher NHC-PVPS possibilities

Step 3

Students participate in individual reflection and planning for decision making on working choices and topic.

  • Do I want to work on my own? Do I want to work in a partnership or a group?
  • Think about extending your thinking, extending your experiences, creating challenges for yourself

  • Where are your areas of interest? What is going to excite you? What do you want to discover?
  • What format do you want to work with?

Step 4

Student negotiation and decison making re work choices and topic

Groups / individuals will need to complete a written proposal presenting choices.
Link to Project Proposal document on Google Docs.
When you open this you will need to save a copy of this document in your Google docs. When it is completed you will need to share it with Mrs N and Mrs E

Remember to check GENERAL CRITERIA and PRESENTATION FORMAT CRITERIA from the History Challenge site when you are writing your proposal

Step 5 Now you have finished the planning stage you can begin the process.

Skills workshops will be on offer over the next few weeks - depending on identified need.
  • Creating Bibliographies
  • Primary and Secondary sources
  • Technical workshops - TBA (software)
  • Developing search skills


At the end of each session you will be expected to complete a reflection on the session's work and goal setting for the next session. This can be written or as an oral recording. You need to include what you ahev achieved, the problems and solutions or possible solutions, what you didn't complete and your goals for the next session. This needs to be kept somewhere that is accessible to all members of your group (stored on server, google docs, edmodo etc)


An entry must be on ...
  • Be on Australian History
  • Be historically accurate and based on the use of primary and secondary sources as appropriate, with these sources being acknowledged correctly.
  • Reflect a historical understanding of the period being researched.
  • Relate to the theme.
  • Meet the criteria for the entry format and be clearly and logically set out.
  • Include a bibliography in your investigation and for Years 9 -12 you have an annotated this bibliography.
  • Be original and not use the words or ideas of other people without acknowledgement.

Presentation Formats
Students may enter one of the following four formats

- Individual Research Essay
- Performance
- Multimedia
- Museum Display

Developing possibilities


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