Homework due Friday 23rd

What did you do well?
What problems did you have?
What would you do differently next time?

Your task

To create a 2- 4 minute digital story (Who am I?), telling your teachers and peers about yourself.

Planning Stage

  • Create a mind map about yourself – this will start you thinking about possible areas for your “Who am I”.

  • Brainstorming ideas : choose the areas you want to include in your “Who am I”. Make a list of possible things to write about for each area, some suggestions
    • My family
    • My goals
    • I remember
    • I value ….
    • I love …….
    • My favourites ……
    • I like to…

  • Select or create appropriate photos/images to use – and match them to your storyboard.

Writing Stage

  • Develop your storyboard (we will show you how to do this). Write your script for each photo.

  • Submit your storyboard to your teacher for approval before you begin step 6.

Creation Stage

  • Attend a Master class on using Photo Story (or ask a peer to teach you) – if you are not confident using the software.

  • Create your Photostory. (import photos, add text, create narration, add extras)

  • Select two of your peers to review your story and provide critical advice.

  • Edit and make changes – save final copy.

  • Submit Phototstory “Who am I?” for class viewing.

Evaluation Stage

  • Complete the assessment criteria rubric (this will be pasted into your Presentation Book)
  • Write a reflection for your blog using the following questions.
    • After the Peer Assessment and Self-Assessment stages, what did you change?
    • What did you do well?
    • What did you enjoy?
    • What challenged you?
    • What could have been improved in this piece of work?
    • What did you learn about yourself?

Due Date:

Storyboard : Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Photos/Images collected : Friday 24th February 2012

Photostory due : Wednesday 7th March 2012

Reflection & Evaluation : Wednesday 14th March 2012

Remember the purpose of the task …..

To tell us about you … the important things you want us to know.

(rating ... 1 – 5 for each criteria)
Peer 1
Peer 2
Storyboard Planner
Your storyboard is clear, detailed and complete.

You clearly show the narration for each photo

Elements of Digital Storytelling
The images – clearly match the narration.

Images in the movie are sequenced in a way that makes sense to the viewer.

Sound adds to the story and is appropriate

Your digital story shows the idea that stories define:

Who we are.
Where we have come from.
Where we are going. . . and
What we care about!
Stories give life!”

There is an introduction at the beginning and a clear ending.

Narration and/or sound is appropriate, comfortable, and easy to hear.

Digital story is 2 - 4 min long and saved as a movie file.